IGP Pays d’Oc



The wine displays a deep crimson hue with intense purplish tints. The nose is a mixture of redcurrants, dried fruit and spice. The tannins are clean and give this wine a good ageing potential.  The wine reveals a lovely freshness, over a supple and well-structured palate.


Origin & Terroir

Originally from the South-West of France, Malbec is known under different names including Auxerrois and Côt. It is thought to be the result of a cross between the Magdeleine des Charentes and the Prunelard Noir. Malbec is a powerful and fruity grape variety. Full of spirit and character, it creates a masculine red wine with a Latin spirit. Our Malbec is grown on the clay-limestone hillsides to the west of the Languedoc region, on terroirs that are particularly conducive to the perfect ripening of the grapes.



The vinification is traditional with a two-week maceration. The extraction is carried out gently throughout the fermentation process at a temperature of below 28°C, giving this wine its typical suppleness and varietal aromas.