The Castan Clan


Once upon a time…
Having the force of one’s convictions and inventing one’s own way of working…


The Castan model breaks with the established rules of traditional succession.


Naming their first company ‘Joseph Castan Fine Wine’ was Vianney and Emilie’s way of paying homage to Vianney’s winemaking great-grandfather and bringing to life the winegrowing memories related by his father and grandfather. The family’s past therefore became their present. A present with no legacy and no land. A blank page, ready to be written on, without a reference point, without any reassuring advice, and without anyone to show them the path to follow.


After an ellipse of three generations, Emilie and Vianney reopened a book that had been closed too soon, the story of the Castan family and their deep connection with their land and their craft. After the arrival of their first daughter Zoé, they rolled up their sleeves and fought hard to build a new legacy for the Castan family. They chose Stone. They chose the land of Gignac. They made Château Saint-Jean d’Aumières in Terrasses du Larzac their new home.

Each chapter in the Castan story has been inspired by a family member.


It was Lilou, the youngest daughter, who caused her parents to want a second home, a place for sharing, celebrating and creating happy memories together. Château Saint-Louis la Perdrix marked the third chapter in the Castan saga, a warm and convivial chapter of a place where loved ones can get together.


This surprisingly successful journey brings a new perspective to winemaking legacies, one that looks to the future rather than the past. Emilie and Vianney work together as a family to build what is rightfully theirs. The road is long but they never lose sight of their objectives.


Their achievements will act as their springboard whilst time will bear witness to their success.

And the next chapter?


Each day Vianney and Emilie work hard to build solid foundations for the next chapter in this story which began in 2007. Who knows how many more chapters will be written by future generations. ‘We are simply guardians of our land. People come and people go but the land will be here forever. We strive to maintain high standards so that future generations may have the choice to continue to build upon what we have ourselves created by listening to and respecting nature.’