The Land



“I didn’t inherit vines from my family but I did inherit their passion for good wine. Before working our own terroirs, we first learnt to enjoy the terroirs of others.”


Protecting the diversity of our terroirs

Joseph Castan personifies the warmth that goes with the sharing of a good wine. “We pour our energies into wine domaines that we are passionate about, wine domaines from lesser-known appellations such as Terrasses du Larzac. We are proud of our terroir and the quality of our wines. We just knew that we had to give them the international renown they truly deserve.”
We work on a human scale, bringing together men and women who are passionate about wine, its values and its stories.
Exploration, cultivation, vinification.
The pride in a job well done and the respect for the soils and the viticulture are values that have been perpetuated by our family and which have come to form the basis of our creations.