IGP Pays d’Oc



The wine displays a light yellow hue with lovely golden tints.

The bouquet is complex, mixing floral aromas with white flesh fruit such as peaches and apricots. Notes of grilled hazelnut and vanilla leap out on the nose. The wine is clean and dense on entry and deep and aromatic on the palate. Delicate floral notes round off a well-balanced whole. The wine shows great aromatic persistence with a combination of empyreumatic and fruity notes.


Terroir & Winemaking

Two terroirs have been brought together to create the complexity of this Chardonnay Elégance. The clay-sand soils provide delicacy and finesse. The clay-limestone terroir lends the wine power and volume. The vines are planted on stony terraces sitting on limestone and clay-limestone hillsides and semi-hillsides.

A plot selection is carried out in the vineyards to select the finest grapes. After pressing under inert gas, the must undergoes a cold fermentation with selected yeasts to bring out the aromatic delicacy. A light ageing in oak barrels is carried out to lend the wine volume and complexity.