Finesse Rouge

IGP Pays d’Oc



The wine displays a lively crimson hue with cherry tones and bright highlights. The delectable nose reveals aromas of red berries that range from blackcurrants to wild strawberries.

The palate is full, supple and juicy, combining the smoothness of the Grenache with the structure of the Syrah. An easy-drinking drinking wine.


Terroir & Winemaking

The southern grape varieties, cultivated in the heart of the Pays d’OC, reveal their full potential.

De-stemmed then fermented at low temperature, the grapes offer up juicy, fruity aromas and create very little tannin. A proportion of the harvested grapes will undergo a hot pre-fermentation maceration. The fermentation temperature is then maintained at 17°C to intensify the fruity aromas.