Zoé displays a crimson red hue with bright tints.
he nose is intense with aromas of red berries,
including blackcurrants and strawberries.
The palate is smooth and elegant with subtle,
sweet flavours. The tannins are delicate and
accompany a lingering finish.
This is a lovely soft, easy-drinking wine.

These creatures are born from the vegetal works of art created by Francois Maurisse,
« I feel like I am guided, I sculpt in the instantaneous moment and freeze a timeless
vegetal work of art, resembling a person I may have met in my past or a character out of
some fairy tale who would only need bringing to life with a few drops of rain… Magic
herbs? No, just ephemeral art. »
Light, graceful, sunny…
Petals to the wind, they come alive and seem to dance.
With a sway of their stalks, they beckon us into their enchanting world.
A dance at the foot of a vine, a curtsy to the nascent buds.
We must then seize the precious moment that Mother Nature offers us.
These Herbettes have a message: an ode to freedom.
An ode to a living, innovative, poignant Mother Nature.
For Vianney Castan, it was love at first sight.
These flowery fairies remind him of the females in his life: Emilie, Zoé and Lilou.
They bear the colours of the first organic wine created by Joseph Castan.
L’Exflorateur® François Maurisse : https://www.herbettes.fr/






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