Lilou displays a golden hue flecked with green.
Its nose expresses aromas of white nectarine and
melon set off by some floral notes.
Its palate is fresh, fruity and long.
This is a lovely harmonious and well-balanced

These creatures are born from the vegetal works of art created by Francois Maurisse,
« I feel like I am guided, I sculpt in the instantaneous moment and freeze a timeless
vegetal work of art, resembling a person I may have met in my past or a character out of
some fairy tale who would only need bringing to life with a few drops of rain… Magic
herbs? No, just ephemeral art. »
Light, graceful, sunny…
Petals to the wind, they come alive and seem to dance.
With a sway of their stalks, they beckon us into their enchanting world.
A dance at the foot of a vine, a curtsy to the nascent buds.
We must then seize the precious moment that Mother Nature offers us.
These Herbettes have a message: an ode to freedom.
An ode to a living, innovative, poignant Mother Nature.
For Vianney Castan, it was love at first sight.
These flowery fairies remind him of the females in his life: Emilie, Zoé and Lilou.
They bear the colours of the first organic wine created by Joseph Castan.
L’Exflorateur® François Maurisse :


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