Our international expertise

Our international expertise

Since 2007, Joseph Castan Fine Wine has built a solid reputation as an international market leader.

Consistent quality

As specialists in wines from the Languedoc and Southern Rhône Valley, we know our vineyards inside out. Our producers have been carefully selected by our team for the quality and consistency of their production and we work together with them throughout all stages of the vinification process to guarantee this. We also take great care in ensuring the quality of bottling and storage procedures. Our team’s rigorous approach throughout all stages of production guarantees the high quality of our wines which is the signature of the Joseph Castan brand.

Our international expertise

Our experience on the international market and our in-depth understanding of consumer expectations mean that we are able to produce wines that match the different consumer tastes of each country. Our partnership with the Natoli / Œnoconseil & Cœ group guarantees that our wines continue to comply with international health standards and regulatory restrictions in the various countries to which we export. So there are no nasty surprises upon arrival!

Our international and multilingual team speaks French, English, German, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and even Ukrainian! This enables us to provide our customers with close support vis-à-vis their challenges and requirements. We are able to deal with any difficulties and answer your queries directly, without the need for a go-between.

Our logistical strength

Joseph Castan Fine Wine offers a concise and permanently available range of wines for immediate delivery. All our wines are stored in a central warehouse in order to avoid consolidated shipments. Thanks to this unique platform, we are able to process all orders quickly and efficiently.

Our bespoke services

We offer a personalized packaging service in order to meet your individual requirements for wine, labels, cases, bottles, capsules and corks. Our bespoke service allows you to create an exclusive product that precisely meets the needs and expectations of your consumers.