Our expertise

Renowned for its specialist knowledge of wines from the South of France, Joseph Castan Fine Wine offers a wide selection of wines from the Languedoc and Southern Rhône Valley.

Our vineyards

The terroirs of the South of France have no secrets for us. In addition to our own vineyards, we visit dozens of domaines and taste hundreds of wines every year.
We travel the region to ensure the quality of our wines and select new ones in order to offer you the very best from our region.

We work with carefully selected partner producers who share our beliefs and who we support throughout all stages of the vinification process. Together with these dedicated wine growers, we aim for quality through controlled yields and viticultural practices that respect the land and the environment.

Our wines

Joseph Castan wines are vinified using time-old traditional methods handed down by our ancestors and complemented by innovative, modern techniques. This approach ensures that we are able to produce exceptional quality wines that meet consumer tastes.

We also work closely with the Natoli / Œnoconseil & Cœ group who provide us with their international expertise throughout the production and control stages of our wines.

A little gem: Château Saint Jean D’Aumières

In the heart of the prestigious Terrasses du Larzac terroir, we produce wines of exceptional quality in perfect harmony with nature.