Founded in 2007 by Vianney Castan, Joseph Castan Fine Wine is a “producteur-négociant” (producer and wine trader) based in Languedoc-Roussillon and specializes in wines from the Languedoc region and the Southern Rhône Valley.

Our wines are sold exclusively to our professional client base.

Our wines are exported to over 15 countries, primarily in Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia and North America.

  • Driven by our family passion for wine, we are committed to using our knowledge and expertise of the international markets in order to enhance the reputation of the terroirs of the South of France. Joseph Castan wines, produced in partnership with producers who share our beliefs, are approachable and easy to drink. They are highly pleasurable wines intended to satisfy diverse consumer tastes.
    Joseph Castan Fine Wine would like to share with you these little gems from the Languedoc and Southern Rhône Valley wine regions.
  • We are export specialists with almost half of our wines sold outside the E.U., and we offer our clients consistent high quality wines, year after year, as well as a range of high-end services. From production through to delivery, Joseph Castan Fine Wine strives to ensure that our wines provide the ultimate in pleasure.

Where to find our wines?