Finesse Syrah-Grenache

Finesse Rosé Blend

IGP Pays d’Oc rosé 2017

Syrah Grenache

Terroir & Vinification method

The vineyard is located on the large limestone formation which was deposited by the sea in the North of Hérault (South of France) during the Secondary and Tertiary era. Narrow plateaus line the NE/SW-oriented slopes. At the very bottom of the slopes are deep soils made of alluvium and clay.
After short maceration, direct pressing is carried out in an inert environment. Fermentation takes place at 16°C with carefully selected yeasts that will reveal the aromatic delicacy.


60% Syrah, 40% Grenache

Tasting Notes

This is a pale, shiny pink wine.
The nose is subtle, with berry flavours – strawberry and raspberry – combined with a light floral hint. A light taste of roasted nuts brings a touch of complexity to this delicate wine.
A fresh attack on the palate gives way to a strong body sensation. The berry flavour is delicately revealed, offering an exquisite final persistence.

Service & Suggestions

Served at a 10-12°C temperature, and enjoy Finesse rosé with appetizers, grilled meat or fish, and exotic dishes.